How Pricing Works

What does it cost?

We are a "pay what you will" craft store. This means that after you've chosen the items you'd like, at the cash register you will say what you'd like to pay based on what the items are worth. If you've received store credit for previous items you've dropped off, you can utilize it on your purchase.

How do I know what to offer?

 We ask for about 30% of retail value. No need to calculate individual prices for each item in your basket - when looking at your items as a whole, what is roughly 30% of their retail value? If you have questions, we're here to help! We can help suggest a fair price as needed. We want your visit to be comfortable and for you to find great deals.

Why have you adopted this model?

Not pricing individual items saves a lot of time and labor. This model has been used very successfully in stores across America, and we believe it helps keep craft supplies affordable and enjoyed. Every now and then we may decline to sell an item at a suggested price if it's clearly a lowball offer. Offering a fair price keeps us in business and you get craft supplies at a great deal!