All About the Craft Supplies

How do I bring in supplies?

Anytime we're open, come by with the craft supplies you'd like to donate for store credit. Store credit is generally 25% of what we think the item will sell for. If you're clearing out an estate sale, or are moving to the lower 48 and can't utilize a credit, we can discuss other options. Clean out your craft rooms and storage areas and bring by anything you don't think you'll use. We know someone else will get great use out of them!

What do you accept?

We accept supplies from any craft - painting, fiber arts, wood working, broom making, collages, stitching, glass work, card making- you name it, we take it! Please no soiled or smoky items. Half used items are ok! We sell only what the customer wants, so if you only need one colored pencil or two googly eyes, you can just buy what you need - and if that's all you have to bring in, we'd love to take it!